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Tape Rotation: Service & Access

Media tapes stored all stacked on one another with a blue glow
Vanguard Archives provides tape rotation clients with the best possible customer experience by combining first class customer service with advanced tools to manage tape rotation programs.

Vanguard’s customers enjoy access to the industry’s top rated online tape rotation management software, ActiveWeb.

With ActiveWeb, customers can:

  • Integrate with existing tape management systems
  • Set up and manage tape rotation services
  • View entire tape inventories, across all platforms, in one place
  • Preview future tape rotations
  • Review activity and chain of custody histories for each item in storage
  • Manage data tapes at their own offices using a PC-attached barcode scanner
  • Instantly create and download reports of their data tape inventories with a user-friendly report module (Excel, PDF and HTML output supported)

Of course, Vanguard customers who prefer speaking with a live person can place orders and obtain help by phone.

Vanguard’s customer support team, based locally in Chicago, operates by the motto “Always Be Helpful.” In addition to doing simple things like being accountable and promptly returning phone calls and emails, they routinely go above and beyond clients’ reasonable expectations for service.

In a business world increasingly characterized by call centers customer service, Vanguard stands apart by continuing to deliver old fashioned first class service with a human touch.

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