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Tape Storage: Protection

Vanguard Archives provides offsite tape storage and protection services to companies operating data centers in the Chicago area. Vanguard’s vault facility is purpose-built for tape storage, designed from the ground up to maximize the security and protection of clients’ data.

Vanguard’s high security offsite tape storage facility is monitored throughout by recorded video surveillance cameras. Entrances employ man-trap and vehicle-trap functionality, with three layer access control utilizing biometric iris scanners as well as proximity card technology.

Vanguard’s media vault walls have a four hour fire rating, supplemented by a clean agent fire suppression system in the vault interior. No water-based sprinkler pipes or any other sources of water are present inside the vault area.

To ensure long-term preservation of tape, the temperature and humidity of the vault is maintained within a tight range of variance by a custom designed HVAC system, with full redundancy. Power in the building also is redundant, with a 500kW diesel Caterpillar generator providing backup power to the entire facility.

Vanguard’s offsite vault facility is alarmed and remotely monitored by a third party for intrusion, temperature and humidity variance, and water penetration.

Vanguard’s vehicle fleet is customized to ensure protection of client information while in transit. Each vehicle is GPS guided and tracked to ensure the whereabouts of customer data is known at all times, with GPS activity history recorded and retained for at least ninety days. For maximum security, all vehicles are alarmed and double-locked, with self-arming mechanisms to ensure vehicles are always secured when the doors are closed.

To protect against temperature variance, vehicles have environmentally controlled cargo areas.

In a world of increasing risks, Vanguard invests heavily in security and protection measures in its offsite tape storage facilities so that its clients can rest assured that their data is safe and secure at all times.

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