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Records Storage: Privacy

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In order to support its clients’ compliance with an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment relating to the management of records, Vanguard Archives employs strict operational controls in its offsite records storage operations – designed to eliminate the possibility of data loss or breach.

Vanguard’s records storage operations are governed by thoroughly documented and strictly enforced policies and procedures, ensuring the consistent handling and safekeeping of documents in Vanguard’s custody.

Documents entrusted to Vanguard are barcode scanned at every stage of handling, resulting in uninterrupted chain of custody control. Vanguard’s employees are trained and tested on standard operating procedures, and activities are audited on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

All Vanguard employees undergo annual privacy training and testing designed to ensure understanding of all legal and regulatory requirements related to managing records on behalf of our clients. Employees are also required to reaffirm in writing their commitment to Vanguard’s privacy policy and its confidentiality agreement on an annual basis.

In an increasingly strict and rapidly changing environment related to privacy, Vanguard’s clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their records are in good hands.

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