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Vanguard Archives provides paper shredding and document destruction services to businesses in the Greater Chicago area. We help you to maintain information security and reduce privacy breach risks with customized document destruction solutions:

  • On-site mobile shredding
  • Off-site shredding
  • Scheduled shredding
  • One-time purges

As your paper shredding partner we ensure your confidential documents are destroyed securely efficiently and securely every time.

Paper shredding in Chicago

Improperly disposed of business documents can expose sensitive financial, client and employee information. Our paper shredding services reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

We eliminate the time consuming, in-house document disposal process that requires your staff to use inefficient and ineffective paper shredding machines. Instead, we place locked disposal collection bins and furniture-like consoles in your office that enable the secure and easy collection of files and daily paperwork from your staff. Disposal is easy for staff and does not require them to remove staples, paper clips or clasps. On a scheduled or as needed basis your containers are emptied and all information is destroyed in a matter of minutes.

On-site and off-site paper shredding in Chicago

Vanguard offers both on-site and off-site paper shredding services. Our mobile shredding service allows your documents to be shredded at your facility while you witness the destruction process. Alternately, with our off-site shredding service, your documents are transported to our shredding plant in our GPS tracked vehicles. We maintain full chain of custody control over your documents destined for shredding.

In either case, our shredding equipment is designed to destroy paper documents to a much smaller particle size than what is offered by an office paper shredder.  At the same time, your paper is mixed in with thousands of pounds of other shredded paper, rendering re-creation impossible.

Vanguard Archive’s on-site or off-site shredding services ensure complete destruction of your confidential information. A Certificate of Destruction is issued at the completion of your shredding service to signify and record the specific shredding completed.

Scheduled document destruction in Chicago

Regular secure disposal of confidential paperwork prevents identity theft and reduces the risk of corporate fraud. Vanguard Archives’ scheduled document destruction service ensures that sensitive documents and files are properly and securely disposed of. We assess your document disposal requirements and help you determine a shredding schedule that best meets your needs:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

According to your customized schedule, screened, uniformed and bonded personnel pick-up and destroy your information. A secure chain of custody is followed throughout the paper shredding process.

One-time paper shredding in Chicago

We provide secure paper shredding for single and periodic file room clean outs, office relocations and document purges.   Our disposal bins can be dropped off in advance of your purge project enabling quick, secure and efficient disposal of unwanted paper records. We can also pick-up and destroy individual cartons and bags of files.

Due to security risks, Vanguard Archives does not offer drop-off shredding at our Chicago locations.

To find out more about our paper shredding and document destruction services please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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