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Retain Sample Storage

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Vanguard Archives provides offsite retain sample storage for food and cosmetics manufacturers in support of HACCP/HARPC plans and GFSI standards compliance.

By outsourcing the required long-term storage of retain samples to Vanguard Archives, food and cosmetics manufacturers free up space in their own facilities and expand their warehousing capacity without any capital expenditure. Vanguard’s FDA registered facility is modern, brightly lit, environmentally controlled, protected against pest infestation, and monitored 24/7 for unauthorized access.

Vanguard assists with indexing and tracking retain sample inventories via our online inventory portal, allowing each sample to be appropriately identified and barcode tracked for chain of custody throughout its useful life up until disposal or destruction.

When retain samples are needed for product testing Vanguard offers 24/7 delivery, including direct delivery to food testing laboratories.

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