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Document Storage: Offsite Protection & Management

Vanguard Archives provides offsite document storage services. Our storage facilities are orderly, clean, well-lit and modern in appearance, and each one is designed from the ground up to maximize the security and protection of clients’ documents.

Vanguard’s facilities are constructed of a combination of brick, concrete block and steel. All facilities are above-grade and are sited outside of flood-prone areas and areas containing sources of toxic, hazardous or combustible materials.

Each Vanguard records center has a third party monitored intrusion alarm system, recorded CCTV monitoring, and an enclosed loading area.

Vanguard’s records storage facilities employ pump supplemented sprinkler systems and are fully compliant with local and national fire codes. In-rack sprinkler systems are employed in all shelving units. Fire alarm systems are wirelessly monitored directly by the authorities having jurisdiction.

Vanguard’s vehicle fleet is customized to ensure protection of client documents while in transit. Each vehicle is GPS guided and tracked, with activity history recorded and retained for at least ninety days. For maximum security, all vehicles are double-locked and employ self-locking and self-alarming mechanisms.

In a world of increasing risks, Vanguard Archives invests heavily in security and protection measures so that its clients can rest assured that their documents are safe and secure at all times.

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