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Residential Document Shredding

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Are confidential documents piling up in your home office because you’re tired of fussing with your shredding machine? It’s not only corporations that require secure document destruction—residents also need a reliable resource for destroying their personal and business information to prevent identity theft and ensure information privacy.

Vanguard Archives offers an easy, fast, and reliable way for individuals in the greater Chicago area to destroy confidential information.

Hassle-free paper shredding for your home office

Whether you have a handful of confidential files or several boxes full of sensitive documents, we pick them up and shred them—either on-site at your home or off-site at our secure facilities, depending on your preference. There is no need to remove folders, binders or fasteners, as all of these items can go through the shredder.

Convenient mobile paper shredding at your residence

Do you want to witness your documents being destroyed in person? We offer convenient, on-site residential paper shredding at your home. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our mobile document destruction vehicle arrives at your residence and one of our screened shredding technicians collects your documents.
  2. Your files are destroyed while you watch, and in a fraction of the time it takes to use a paper shredding machine.
  3. A Certificate of Destruction is provided to you at the completion of your document destruction project.

Secure off-site paper shredding for your personal documents

Do you prefer that your documents be taken offsite for secure shredding? Our technicians bring locking collection containers, which are filled with your sensitive documents and then transported in our armored, double-locked, alarmed, GPS-tracked vehicles to our secure shredding facility. Your sensitive information is shredded into unrecognizable particles and then responsibly recycled into post-consumer products like paper napkins and tissue paper. Once shredding is completed, you receive a Certificate of Destruction by email.

For more information about our residential paper shredding services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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