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Shredding Services in Evanston, IL

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Has your store-bought paper shredder become more of a hassle than a convenience? If shredding your documents means spending an inordinate amount of time removing paper clips and staples from files, fixing paper jams, and emptying a shredding receptacle, it’s easy to see why.

Welcome to a more efficient and secure document destruction process for your business!

Vanguard Archives’ shredding services eliminate the time, risk and stress of in-house document destruction. Our mobile document destruction vehicle will come to your Evanston business, for fast and easy disposal of your confidential documents and files. Here’s how our paper shredding process works:

  • We place locked disposal bins or decorative consoles in strategic places throughout your office
  • Your staff members drop documents and whole files into the bins or consoles
  • A background-checked Vanguard Archives shredding technician collects the contents of your bins
  • Your documents are shredded on-site at your facility
  • We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction

Vanguard Archives is your document destruction resource!

Convenient On-Site Shredding Services at Your Business

Are you tired of wasting time using your office shredder but worried about the privacy of your information? Vanguard Archives mobile document destruction service saves time and offers you peace of mind. We come to your Evanston business on a regular schedule or on-demand—whichever works best for you—for secure on-site paper shredding. Your confidential information doesn’t leave your premises before it is destroyed, and you can watch the entire destruction process first hand!

Secure Shredding Services

We’re serious about information security. As Evanston’s trusted privacy protection partner, we serve businesses in the medical, legal, financial and retail sectors. All of our mobile document destruction vehicles are alarmed and GPS-tracked. Your documents and data are collected and destroyed by our professional technicians. Strict chain of custody procedures are followed throughout our destruction process. Whether in our mobile shredding truck or at our shredding plant, industrial-grade paper shredders reduce your documents to tiny particles, making them impossible to reconstruct and read.

At the completion of your shredding project we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that documents the time, date and method of destruction.

You won’t find a more secure privacy protection solution for your business!

For more information about Vanguard Archives’ shredding services in Evanston, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page. Ask about hard drive shredding and media destruction, too!

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