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NQA-1 Records Storage in Chicago

Nuclear Quality Assurance, Level 1 (NQA-1) is a regulatory standard for quality assurance (QA) programs at nuclear facilities. It sets out the requirements and guidelines needed to create and carry out nuclear QA programs. This standard applies during all phases of a nuclear facility’s lifecycle, including choosing a site, design, construction, operation and decommissioning.

Vanguard Archives is a trusted service provider for commercial and government groups in Chicago which need to meet the strict document retention requirements of NQA-1.

Dedicated NQA-1 Records Storage Facilities

Vanguard Archives ensures compliance for our clients by providing NQA-1 records storage services in Chicago. As soon as you turn over your quality assurance records, we take complete responsibility for their preservation and safekeeping.

Our Chicago document storage buildings are constructed above grade with a combination of brick, concrete block and steel. They are located outside of flood zones and areas containing sources of toxic, hazardous or combustible materials. They are designed specifically to protect quality assurance records from damage and decay caused by the following risks:

  • Floods, fires and natural disasters
  • Poor environmental conditions
  • Mold, pest and rodent infestation

We maintain the best environmental conditions by using forced-air circulation and filter systems. Our facilities maintain temperature and humidity levels which ensure the long-term preservation of paper records.

Professional technicians store all documents carefully on high-density shelving units. We employ clean agent fire suppression systems, which are fully compliant with local and national fire codes. Additionally, local fire authorities monitor our fire alarm systems directly using wireless technology.

Secure NQA-1 Records Storage

Vanguard Archives’ records centers are built to provide security and protection for QA records. Our records centers permit only authorized access to your documents using comprehensive security systems. All of our records centers feature:

  • Independently-monitored intrusion alarm systems
  • Recorded CCTV monitoring
  • Secure, enclosed loading and unloading areas

Professional NQA-1 Records Storage and Management

Your quality assurance records will be easy to identify and retrieve using Vanguard Archives’ records management tools. Our top-rated inventory management and barcode tracking system documents chain of custody every time someone handles your information.

Additionally, with our ActiveWeb software, you have the ability to place orders for service online as well as:

  • Create and manage records retention schedules and destruction dates
  • Review activity and chain of custody records for each record in storage
  • Enter box and file information digitally

Our vehicle fleet is customized to protect your QA records when they are retrieved from and returned to our document storage facilities. Each vehicle is GPS-guided and tracked, with an activity history that is retained for at least 90 days. For maximum security, all vehicles are double-locked and use self-locking and self-alarming mechanisms.

Vanguard Archives is committed to helping our clients meet the high standards set by NQA-1. For more information about our NQA-1 records storage services in Chicago, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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